We all know the old story of “King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table“. Written by Roger Lanceyn Green and published in 1953, the summary of his book weaves together the stories from Sir Thomas Malory’s Arthurian chronicle Le Morte d’Arthur with other Arthurian poems and folktales from around Europe. He compiles the stories into a single grand narrative of King Arthur’s rise to power, the gathering of his knights, the quest for the Holy Grail, and Britain’s descent back into darkness.

No one knows that definitive number of Knights that sat at the Round Table, but it thought to have been around 12 (not including the King). The names of the Knights included Sir Tristan, Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, Sir Gaheris, Sir Geraint, Sir Percival, Sir Boris the Younger, Sir Lamorak, Sir Kay, Sir Gareth, Sir Bedivere, and Sir Galahad.

BUT…did you know the lesser Knights that sat at the Round Table? If you don’t, I am sure that you will be surprised by who they were…you actually may have heard of them before.

The knight who refused to fight: Sir Render

The knight no one believed: Sir Real

The knight too big to sit at the table: Sir Round

The knight who designed the table: Sir Cumference

The uncover knight: Sir Veillance

The knight who was never killed in battle: Sir Vivor

The knight who exceeded expectations: Sir Passed

The knight who showed up unexpectedly: Sir Prize

The knight who overcame obstacles: Sir Mount

The knight who funded the kingdom: Sir Tax

The knight who wore the biggest pants: Sir Pants Alot

The knight who kept the maps up-to-date: Sir Veyor

The knight who drank too much: Sir Rhosis

The knight who stood in for the king: Sir Rogate

The knight who stood out among the rest: Sir Perb

The knight with the fragile ego: Sir Amic

The knight who performed in three rings: Sir Cus

The saddest knight of them all: Sir Rowful

The knight who wasn’t needed: Sir Perfluous

The knight who liked to dance: Sir Prance Alot

Who was your favorite knight?

Do you know of one that wasn’t listed?

I hope you enjoyed the giggles!!

Have an AWESOME day!!!

Photo Credit: Maria Pop via Pexels