The Crab and the Ocean

crab on beach
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What in the world is happening? Why did something like this happen to me? Why is it that this individual continues to do this annoying thing to me? Don’t they understand that when they continue to do this same thing over and over, it really, really bothers me!?! What is this jerk doing? Why is this person so mean? Why is it, that it always seems like bad things always happen to me?

Occasionally, there are things or situations in life that happen that we simply don’t understand at the time we are experiencing them. Sometimes people will continuously do things to us, like our bosses, parents, or a host of other kinds of people, that we don’t comprehend why they are doing what they are doing. The result? We jump to negative conclusions, make poor judgments and assessments of others…many times resulting in embarrassing or awkward moments.

The following little story is a great little illustration which demonstrates a simple truth of life…that we should attempt to truly understand the unfortunate things that may happen to us before we judge others wrongly.

Once upon a time, there was a crab. It was walking on the shore of the ocean, leaving its beautiful footprint behind. The crab adored its footprints. Suddenly as the crab was adoring it footprints, the waves of the ocean washed the footprints away. The crab turned towards the ocean wave and said, “Hey!! I thought you were my best friend. Why did you do that?? Why did you wash my footprints away?” The ocean said, “A fisherman was chasing you, my dear friend, looking at your footprints, so I washed them away so that fisherman could not chase you.” It’s a general human tendency. We all judge each other in different situations and conclude about the person. Even in our relationships, we judge the people by the actions or behavior. But it is important not to conclude about that person and react without understanding other person’s intentions. (Divya Nimbalkar).



  1. What a cute little; but powerful story! So true, and the word of God says to not make a final judgement on anyone. I will look at someones fruit though but not make a snap judgement on their character. If I’m around someone I pay attention to what they are saying and doing.
    What is your email so I can forward a couple of my stories by Word Doc?

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      1. Yes I did!! I am going to read it, etc., when I get home from church later today. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’ll let you know when I post it. I do have a couple of others that are waiting to be posted as well. Have a great day my friend 🙂

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  2. I’m sorry to be so slow to respond to this wonderful post. I am so far behind in my reading of all my e-mail since I started my blog. I have more than 1,000 to read now and I am not a terribly fast reader or respondent.

    I loved this message and it sure does hit home for me. I will keep this message in the pocket of memories I carry and use it for the good if I should forget for a moment what is so true here. Thank you kindly.

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