The Mother with One Eye

Photo Credit: Fran Ullola via Flickr

Judging other people can be a struggle for almost anyone on a daily basis. People can find themselves judging others in a variety of ways. If could be something as small as how someone looks or how they act. We could be judging them based on what their government affiliation might be or their religious beliefs. The list can go on and on.

An example of how we can sometimes judge is this short story from psychologist and meditation teacher, Tara Brach who frequently tells this story: Imagine you are walking through the woods and you see a small dog. It looks cute and friendly. You approach and move to pet the dog. Suddenly it snarls and tries to bite you. The dog no longer seems cute and you feel fear and possibly anger. Then, as the wind blows, the leaves on the ground are carried away and you see the dog has one of its legs caught in a trap. Now, you feel compassion for the dog. You know it became aggressive because it is in pain and is suffering.

Your judgement changed once you understood the situation.


I came across this story that simply broke my heart and reminded me of an important lesson: never judge a person until you know exactly of what made them the way they are…

My mom only had one eye. I hated her… She was such an embarrassment. She cooked for students and teachers to support the family.

There was this one day during elementary school where my mom came to say hello to me. I was so embarrassed.

How could she do this to me? I ignored her, threw her a hateful look and ran out. The next day at school one of my classmates said, “EEEE, your mom only has one eye!”

I wanted to bury myself. I also wanted my mom to just disappear. I confronted her that day and said, “If you’re only gonna make me a laughing stock, why don’t you just die?”

My mom did not respond… I didn’t even stop to think for a second about what I had said, because I was full of anger. I was oblivious to her feelings.

I wanted out of that house, and have nothing to do with her. So I studied real hard, got a chance to go abroad to study.

Then, I got married. I bought a house of my own. I had kids of my own. I was happy with my life, my kids and the comforts. Then one day, my Mother came to visit me. She hadn’t seen me in years and she didn’t even meet her grandchildren.

When she stood by the door, my children laughed at her, and I yelled at her for coming over uninvited. I screamed at her, “How dare you come to my house and scare my children! GET OUT OF HERE! NOW!!!”

And to this, my mother quietly answered, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I may have gotten the wrong address.” – and she disappeared out of sight.

One day, a letter regarding a school reunion came to my house. So I lied to my wife that I was going on a business trip. After the reunion, I went to the old shack just out of curiosity.

My neighbors said that she died. I did not shed a single tear. They handed me a letter that she had wanted me to have.

“My dearest son,

I think of you all the time. I’m sorry that I came to your house and scared your children.

I was so glad when I heard you were coming for the reunion. But I may not be able to even get out of bed to see you. I’m sorry that I was a constant embarrassment to you when you were growing up.

You see……..when you were very little, you got into an accident, and lost your eye. As a mother, I couldn’t stand watching you having to grow up with one eye. So I gave you mine.

I was so proud of my son who was seeing a whole new world for me, in my place, with that eye.

With all my love to you,

Your Mother.”


“If you judge people….you have no time to live them” ~ Mother Teresa


  1. Oh my gosh that was hard to read. I can’t imagine a child being like that to their mother. The sacrifice of mothers I understand giving up my life as I knew it for a child that is in need. I do experience this type of meanness from my child and I’m always shocked. I pray always that one day she’ll have that ah-ha moment and see things from my perspective. Maybe they don’t see it till they are parents too. Either way I feel sorry for that mom, I’ve walked a mile in those shoes and it’s very lonely because you are always missing your child’s kindness and reciprocal love.

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  2. Awwwww you make me cry……
    This story has a very deep meaning, Do spend some time in prayer for parents out there and be good to them !
    Good night from Athens sweet heart!!!! Thank you for sharing this very heart touching story!!!

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  3. Myt dear friend, this story brought me to tears. It made me think about times when I might have been ungrateful to my parents. Parents make so many sacrifices for their children, many of which are unknown to their children. I appreciate your stories so much. You are one special man to consistently provide these wonderful gifts that make us think.

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    • Thanl you so much for your very encouraging words my friend…they mean a lot. Sometimes I wo der of my stories and posts are really that successful / meaningful to others. That’s why, words le yours, are so encouraging. Thank YOU!!


      • Dear friend, please know that my comments are always genuine, never any intent to simply flatter. Strange, but I feel some type of bond with you. Thank you. Continue your work of ministering to others as you do. You are a blessing.


  4. Don’t believe there is such a thing as an eyeball transplant. If this story is not true, then there is no lesson here. A half truth represented as the truth is called a lie.


    • Thank you for the encouraging words…much appreciated. By the way, before you state things that you dont kmow, do some homework and find out the truth about things. 100% true, there os no such thing as an EYEBALL replacement but, if a person does decide to donate something like their cornea to someone so that the other person can see, then they would have to lose their eyeball in the process. Therefore, the mother really did give her eye to her child.


    • Gary why are you on this site? It’s a true story—but even if it wasn’t we can learn from it, find comfort in it, and gain a lil hope that there is still great people left in this cruel world! You didn’t witness stories from the Bible, there’s no video evidence and it’s an interpretation from someone who was present. So does that mean all those stories are a lie as well? This isn’t an episode of Mythbusters—as long as it’s not harming anyone and you are comforted by a story whether it’s true or not why should anyone care where others find the comfort they seek? Your post was a very bad attempt at sounding intelligent !

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      • Thank you for your kind words of encouragement Melissa…I certainly appreciate them!
        Just so you understand Gary…There is no such thing as an eyeball transplant. However, ophthalmologists can, however, transplant a cornea. When someone says they are getting an “eye transplant,” they are most likely receiving a donor cornea, which is the clear front part of the eye that helps focus light so that you can see.


  5. ❤ had this story posted on my fbook page. the source must have disappeared along with content of my post. only the response comments remain, with enough context to remind me. glad i found this today. 🙂

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