Life can sometimes get us down. We can feel inadequate, useless, and meaningless to the people and the world around us. The truth is that we CAN have a positive influence on others just by doing or saying one small thing. Sometimes, that one small thing can make a difference and have a big impact of the life of someone.

I recently came across a great poem that I felt would be a terrific way to encourage and help you realize that you that can be that one person to uplift someone else today! Unfortunately, I do not know the author’s name (if you know, please LMK).


One tree can give life to a forest,

One smile can start a friendship,

One hand can uplift a soul,

One idea can shape the future,

One candle can wipe out darkness,

One laugh can conquer gloom,

One ray of hope can lift your spirits,

One touch can show you care,

One life can make a difference,

Be that ‘ONE’ today!!

Photo Credit: Pexels