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Resentment. Anger. Bitterness. Animosity. These are some words that have described the attributes that some individuals have allowed to grab hold of their hearts. In turn, this poison has led to a breakdown in their friendships, relationships, and interactions with others.

Leon Brown once said, “Bitterness is a result of clinging to negative experiences. It serves you no good and closes the doors to your future.” It has also been said that holding onto bitterness is like holding onto an anchor and jumping into the sea. If you don’t let go, you will drown. Anger and resentment are heavy…we must learn to let them go and forgive.

Today’s little story is a great example of these thoughts….

The Last King

There was once a king and he was the last king of a country. He had ten wild dogs and, unfortunately, used them to devour any of his servants that made a mistake or did him wrong.

One day, one of the servants shared his opinion to the king which the king didn’t like it at all. Seething with anger, the king ordered that his servant should be thrown to the dogs.

Begging for his life and trembling with fear, the servant asked,” Why are you going to do this to me? I served you for ten years and was loyal and faithful to you. Please give me ten days before you throw me to the dogs. “The king pondered the servant’s pleas then decided to grant them.

During the next ten days, the servant went to the guard who took care of the dogs and told him that he would like to serve dogs for the next ten days. The Guard was baffled, but he agreed. The servant was dedicated to the feeding of dogs, cleaning, washing, and caring for them while showing them all kinds of love and comfort.

When the ten days had ended, the king ordered the servant to be thrown to the dogs for his punishment. The dogs were released and to everyone surprise, the voracious dogs began licking the servant’s feet!

The King, bewildered by what he was seeing, asked,” What is this? What has happened to my dogs?”

The servant replied,” I took care of the dogs for only short ten days and they did not forget my services. However, I served you for ten long years, my king, and you forgot my dedication and devotion after one misspoken word,”

The King realized his mistake and humbly ordered the servant to be released.”

This story is a great reminder to all of us who tend to forget the good things people do for us as soon as the person has said or has done something wrong. We should remember not to get angry, give up and forget all the nice, caring and thoughtful actions of a friend…sometimes established over a long period of time… just because of one misstep that may have hurt you. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.”

So true my friends!


“As I walked Out the door that would lead me to my freedom, I knew that I didn’t leave my hatred and bitterness behind…I would still be in prison.” ~ Nelson Mandela