What to Give Up…

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There are times throughout our lives when we get so discouraged or frustrated that we really want to give up? Have you ever felt like that? Most people think that if you give something up, it makes them feel like a loser or insignificant…but that is not always the case. An alcoholic can give up drinking and that is wonderful. A smoker can give up smoking and add years to their life…the same goes for a drug user.

Well, I have good news! There are many more things that, if you give them up, you will gain positive and optimistic traits that may affect you for the rest of your life!! The following list is a compilation of some of these characteristics of what you may attain…if you know…What to Give Up!


Give up complaining. . . focus on gratitude.


Give up pessimism. . . become an optimist.


Give up harsh judgements . . .think kind thoughts.


Give up worry. . . trust Divine Providence.


Give up discouragement. . . be full of hope.


Give up bitterness. . . turn to forgiveness.


Give up hatred. . . return good for evil.


Give up negativism . . .be positive.


Give up anger. . .be more patient.


Give up pettiness. . . become mature.


Give up gloom. . . enjoy the beauty that is all around you.


Give up jealousy. . . pray for trust.


Give up gossiping. . . control your tongue.


Give up sin. . .turn to virtue.


Give up giving up. . . and hang in there!


  1. You’ve encourage me to keep my list going strong. How? Because my list is filled with all on your list!
    Let’s encourage all we can as we still need to work a bit on keeeeeeeeep peace in our own minds as well.

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  2. I’m working on giving up worrying and pessimism, which leads me to extreme anxiety. Struggling with anxiety attacks but doing okay. Thanks for the inspirational words.

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    • Know what? I have struggled with anxiety in the past and I found this quote one time (which I am going to include in a post soon) that REALLY helped me put things like anxiety in god perspective. It goes something like this….DEPRESSION focuses on the past, ANXIETY / WORRY focuses on the future, HAPPINESS focuses on the present. So…I what I do now, is really try to focus on the things that I have now…health, your home, family, friends, etc.,…and not focus or worry about the future. I think you would be surprised how this change of focus helps! Hope this helps and encourages you my friend. Have an AWESOME day!!

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  3. Lots of wisdom here, Coach! In fact, I’ll bet you could find a biblical proverb to back up every statement you’ve made here. But written your way and so concisely, we can see clearly the foolishness of every negative action and emotion you mention, and the pleasure that awaits when we choose the positive opposites. Well done, and thank you!

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  4. Amen Coach; it is true….all that negative stuff can be given up and exchanged for what the Lord has in its’ place; it is far better with the fruits of the Holy Spirit and we sure do need His help don’t we? Getting ready to send you another post that you can pass on if you will…..it will come by email like the Refrigerator one, ok? and I just post my 31st post. I still consider myself to be a novice in this…

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