I Need Your Help!


I am getting ready to write another blog called, “THINGS I HAVE LEARNED.” So…I am asking your help…please share with me, in one or two sentences, “What is something that you have learned during your life? (that you would like to share with others / give them advice for with life). I will just post your first name and last initial…if you would rather me not post your name, please LMK. Thanks!

Please leave your thoughts / “nuggets of truth” in the Comment section below 🙂


  1. Listen. When someone else is speaking, let them finish. When impatient for something to happen, listen for Gods guidance prompting. If it doesn’t happen right away, wait. Keep moving with life.

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  2. ‘Kay — third comment, sorry — while I was about that reblogging of your invitation I noticed that you’re asking for shorter takes than my own contribution provides, so scratch that 😌

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  3. Thanks you for all your posts Coach.

    I’m now 57 years old.

    If there is one thing that I have learned in my life is how much more important listening is than speaking.

    My Father always said to me; “Why do you think God gave us all two ears, but only one mouth”?

    Good Question!!!



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  4. That needing to leave your high-paying professional job and getting a low wage service job changes stranger’s perception of who you are. That there really isn’t anything you can say to a grieving person to make them feel better. Your presence is the best thing you can offer

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