The Incredible Power of Music

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Music. Its power and effect on people are unmistakable. It can soothe and comfort the soul, it can create an air of nostalgia, make that special moment more romantic, make you mad, make you sad, the list goes on an on.

It’s funny how sometimes the small things in life can make such a huge impact on other people’s lives and we don’t even know it.

We all are aware of how our actions can affect an individual’s well being, etc. but what about other things that we may use every day? Music can affect people’s lives in many ways… take watching a movie as an example. Imagine if you were watching a sad movie and the background music was a fast-moving pop song. Or imagine viewing a scary movie and ballet music was playing in the background? The music would not fit into the movie and you wouldn’t enjoy the film…..but used correctly, music has a huge impact on the total movie-watching experience.

Another example of music’s effect is how well music “can soothe the soul” or how athletes sometimes use loud music to get “pumped up” for a game.

Music can be used in many ways and affect every person differently.

In today’s story (it’s actually a video), watch how the power of music totally transformed this old man’s state of wellness. It’s inspiring, beautiful, and heartwarming. The power of music…AMAZING!


  1. This is so very true. Years ago I had a friend who was developing a music therapy where she worked with people recovering from trauma, surgery, all kinds of life crises with music.

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  2. Years ago, my mother struggled with speaking, after suffering a stroke. It was difficult to understand her at times, and she would get so frustrated, trying so hard to enunciate her words. With me living across the country, my face to face visits with her were limited.
    One year on my birthday, I came home from work to hear a message from her. She sang Happy BIrthday to me, and I understood every single word, clear as a bell! It was so beautiful to hear, and I cried. When my husband came home, he listened to the messages and just after he asked if I had heard the message from my mom, he hit delete, and there went my proof of the power of music. I was sad but I had the memory. Sadly, she passed away just 5 months later but I will always remember that phone call. The power of music, indeed.

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