It is funny how fast life goes! I was born in 1963 and when I was growing up, hearing stories of people who were born in the 40’s and 50’s seemed so foreign and “old” to me. Now, I am going to be turning 60 years old and, as a teacher, when my students hear that I was born in the 1960’s, I am considered “old.” The truth is, a lot of thing that I did when I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s were experiences in which many children in today’s world will never experience. The following is a list of things that out generation did…that will probably never be done on a consistent level ever again.

A generation that walked to school and walked back.

A generation that did their homework alone to get outside as soon as possible to play in the street.

A generation that spent all their free time on the street.

A generation that played hide and seek when it was dark.

riding our bikes everywhere!

A generation that made mud cakes.

A generation that collected sports cards.

Building our OWN tree houses.

A generation that found , washed, and sold empty coke bottles at a local grocery store for 5 cents each.

Exploring the woods with our friends.

A generation that made paper toys with our bare handes.

A generation who bought vinyl records to play on on record players.

A generation that collected photos and albums of clippings.

A generation that played board games and cards on rainy days.

A generation whose TV went off at midnight after playing the National Anthem.

A generation whose parents where there.

A generation that laughed under the covers in bed so that parents didn’t know that we were still awake.

A generation who would build tree forts in the trees.

A generation who had to go home once the street lights came on.

A generation who had to come home for dinner when they heard the dinner bell ring.

A generation that is passing and unfortunately, will never return!

What can you add to this list (if you are old enough šŸ™‚


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