Hooray! Free Publicity for Your Blog!

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Have you ever wanted the opportunity to get free publicity for your site and have the chance to have your blog shared with other people…for free? Well, I have great news…here is your opportunity!!!

As some of you already know, I enjoy finding stories that inspire, encourage, motivate, or uplift people. There is nothing better than sharing a good story with others…there is enough garbage and bad news going on in the world today. What people REALLY want is to hear uplifting, good-news stories.

So, I am asking anyone who may be interested in sharing a story (or two) of something or someone that you think would be an encouragement or inspiration to others, to send them to me, Once I receive them (and approve them), I will post your story and give your site exposure and publicity to my readers and other visitors…FOR FREE!

Once again, they should be stories that are funny, inspirational, motivational, encouraging, anecdotes, stories that teach morals, etc.

Please send your stories to: 1986purpleknights@gmail.com


      1. I do have a short little story on cleaning the refrigerator I just posted. I don’t know if that is what you’re looking for or not, or the one before that on Up Up and Away! Check it out and see and I’m getting ready to post another one tomorrow. It’s almost 10:30 EST right now.

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      2. I am leaving for Texas tomorrow for a week or so….would you please send me the lick(s) to the story? If you could, that would be awesome! I will have limited internet access but will try to check out your stories. I am sure that I will like them 🙂


      3. I am in vacation for a week or so…so my access to mu blog site very limited…but PLEASE keep in touch and send me some of your stories when you have time. Have a great day my friend.


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