Why Do Bad Things Happen?

Photo Credit: Dennis Hill via CC Flickr
Photo Credit: Dennis Hill via CC Flickr

There are times in some people’s lives when it seems like they were “dealt a bad hand”. Why is it that sometimes people face unforeseeable disease, pain and death? We sometimes ask…why do bad things happen to good people? Why is it that a horrible and deadly sickness can strike a person while others live long and healthy lives?  Simply put…why do bad things happen?


I recently read this following short illustration on positivethinking.in that I think answers this question in a simple way when this famous athlete, who was dying of a horrible disease himself, answered this question in a very simple way…


Arthur Ashe, the legendary Wimbledon player was dying of AIDS which he got due to infected blood he received during a heart surgery in 1983.

From world over, he received letters from his fans, one of which conveyed: “Why does GOD have to select you for such a bad disease”?

To this Arthur Ashe replied:
” The world over — 50 million children start playing tennis, 5 million learn to play tennis, 500,000 learn professional tennis, 50,000 come to the circuit, 5000 reach the grand slam, 50 reach Wimbledon, 4 to semi final, 2 to the finals, when I was holding a cup I never asked GOD ‘Why me?’. And today in pain I should not be asking GOD ‘Why me?’  “Happiness keeps you Sweet…Trials keep you Strong…Sorrow keeps you Human.”


  1. There is also wisdom to help you to learn how to prevent bad things. Too many bad things happen because of this saying.

    We are the masters of our own disasters.

    Regards and good will blogging


  2. Wow, I love his answer–we do tend to blame rather than thank whatever we believe in for what’s happening to us, don’t we?

    I’ve often found that what we define as “bad” at one point in our lives, we will come to see as a valuable lesson in time. And the “good” stuff doesn’t always turn out so good in the long run… 😉 Life is life–take it for what it is without putting labels like “good” or “bad” on it!


  3. That is definitely a good way to think about it….and perhaps both the good and the bad are just random, anyway, and all we can do is accept them for what they are.


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