A Poem for Grandma

Photo Credit: State Library of Victoria Collection via CC Flickr
Photo Credit: State Library of Victoria Collection via CC Flickr

When I was growing up, my grandma was like my second mom. She was always at home when my brother and I got home from school. She told us stories, taught us things from the Bible, sang with us, laughed with us, corrected us, made us help her in her garden and loved us in so many ways…that I can’t even count them.

I found this short poem the other day that made me think of my dear grandma that passed away so long ago. But the time that I shared with her and the memories that I have will always be in my heart. I love you granny…

Her arms are always open

To welcome all with love

Her smile is brighter than the stars

That Sparkle high above


She listens without judgment

She takes the time to share

God bless this dear Grandma

And hold her in Your care


  1. That’s what the human is to the Creature- she’s always playing with her, helping her learn to write her name, and learn how to cut with scissors, and read- and teaching her stuff- she watches her everyday while her parents work and teaches her about Jesus- the Creature loves her so much- (I Just wish she’d love her in her own cave so I wouldn’t have to spend so much time running under the bed)! *(tail flap)*


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