Hershel Walker at 49 years old!

I recently read the following little story, written by Larry Jeremiah, that I thought would be a fascinating thought to share. Have you ever has a project that you wanted to complete, made a New Year resolution, plan on starting a weight loss program, or a host of other things, then lose focus or come up with an excuse as to why you didn’t complete them?

The following story is about a famous college/ NFL player…and now politician, that you may not have known about. It is a great inspiration…

Hershel Walker never had it easy.

Born one out of seven children, his family was lower-middle-class.

At school it was even worse he went to an all-white school and got bullied for his ethnicity.

He also was the worst student in the class getting really bad grades.

The constant mishaps gave him emotional trauma which caused him to develop a stutter.

At the time he was overweight, dumb and had no confidence whatsoever.

One summer he went back home and complained to his mother.

Walker’s mother taught him not to use these problems as excuses in life.

Walker said that is when he developed a workout regiment that eventually expanded to 1,500 pushups and 2,000 situps daily, admitting “it almost became like a drug to me.”

He read a book every day out loud in order for him to not have a stutter anymore.

He came back to school with one goal in mind, never become that person he was anymore.

He joined the track team and the football team.

He uses his life examples in extolling the value of hard work when he speaks to today’s youth.

What’s your excuse?