An Ultimate Story of Love and Sacrifice

pexels-photo-206557.jpegI am a father of a couple of awesome children. I love them very much and I would do anything for them. I am sure any parent would do anything to make their children happy, to protect them and to give them the best life that they could have. Today’s story is probably the most touching story of love that a parent could give a child that I ever found…so far. You may need a box of tissues for this short story…..

One day an 11-year-old girl asked her daddy,” what are you going to get me for my 15th birthday?”

Her father replied,” Please wait, there is much time left.”

When the girl was 14 years old, she fainted and was rushed to the hospital. The doctor came out and told her dad that she had a bad heart and that she was probably going to die.

When she was lying in the hospital bed, she said softly, “daddy… have they told you that I am going to die?” The father replied; “no, you are going to live” as he left her room weeping.

She asked, “how can you be so sure daddy?” He turned around from the door and said” because…I know.”

A short time later she turned 15. After she was released from the hospital and recovering she came home to find a letter on her bed which read…” My dearest daughter, if you are reading this letter it means that everything went well, just as I told you it would. A little while ago you asked me what I was going to give you for your 15th birthday. I didn’t know then, but my present to you was MY HEART.”

Her Father Had Donated His Heart!

“Greater love hath no man than this…that a man lay down his life for his friends.”


Life is AWESOME! Enjoy EVERY moment!


  1. Thank you for this heart-rending story about the father and his daughter. I an so glad to read this article and know that a parent was so willing to sacrifice his life, for there are so many parents who neglect, abandon, abuse, torture and even kill their beautiful children, and even throw newborn babies away in the trash or onto the freeway in suitcases.

    I have been a substitute paraeducator, instructional aide, and teacher for special needs children, often with severe physical AND developmental challenges. I have often thought I would truly give my own life to save any one of “my” children, even the worst of them. I have been thrown up on, spit on, pinched, kicked, and punched, but to me, all those children are still sacred. And if I happened to see a car in a shopping center where a child was left alone in it, I would immediately call 911 and if it looked like the child was suffering severely, I would break the window and get the child out.

    In my area of Southern California, there is a little part of a cemetery called Garden of Angels, and a wonderful woman started it to bury such children that are thrown away. You can look that place up and read all about her, but she manages to get (with much difficulty) the bodies of the babies, and takes them and rocks them for awhile, then bathes and dresses them in clean gowns or receiving blankets, and brings them home to the cemetery where they will receive names (they cannot get a last name because of legalities) and a special funeral ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, the caskets are taken outside, and specially trained doves fly up to the sky, circling as they go higher and higher, representing their souls going up to heaven. It is an opportunity for the babies to be given the recognition, dignity and respect that a life deserves. This woman was not wealthy, and she definitely did not do any of this for publicity, She also fought to get a no-fault drop place in our community so that unwed mothers can bring a child and drop it off safely without being arrested. These mothers may not have been bad people, but they were clearly raised without the kind of love this father had learned in his lifetime that gave this child the best gift a parent could possibly give.

    Thank you for this good article.

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    • Wow!!! Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and the story of this graveyard…I think that i am going to write a blog about that cemetary and the lady who runs it. Thank you so much and have an awesome day my friend!!


      • Thank you very kindly, and if you need help finding it, it is in Calimesa, CA, with the name of Garden of Angels. It is truly a touching story, and there are now more than 100 babies buried there. Before, when a baby’s life was ended in any of these ways or others, they were just cremated with all the other unknown people who had died for any reason. So the ends of their lives came without them ever had any importance in this world. Every baby born is sacred and we need to see that they are treated as such. I was going to make one quilt block for every baby, and stitch them together into a “highway of memories” but it is hard to keep up with them. Before the things she got passed (the drop box for unwanted babies) there were more than 500 babies, but now it is down somewhat. Still, people need to know the realities of children born and unwanted and dumped. I am not in favor of abortions except for life-threatening situations or where someone is raped in some horrible situation, but I do believe that people choosing to have sex should realize that there is a chance for the woman to become pregnant, and then perhaps be responsible about that. There are so many choices to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and also there are people waiting everywhere to get a newborn, so it is never a lack of opportunities to ensure no unwanted pregnancies in today’s world. Thank you again, and I will look forward to any blog about it.

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