Pictures That Speak Volumes #77

Mike Wells Ugandan Boy
Photo Credit: Mike Wells

This picture really does speak 1,000 words and it should touch the heart and spirit of each one of us. This is a picture, taken by Mike Wells, of a little Ugandan boy whose hand is being held by a missionary.

This should serve as a great reminder to all of us, as to how “rich and blessed” a lot of us really are. There are many things that we take for granted…nice homes, cars, families, jobs, good health, food, etc. We all should take a moment out of time, everyday, to give thanks for all that we have!


  1. …and there are people who have much more but do not seem to get satisfied. 😦 We should always be grateful for what we have and share in any way we can the blessings that we receive.

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  2. Some images will define how our future looks back at us, all of us. Sure there are some good people, but history won’t look back and see good at our time in history, they will shake their heads and think “WHAT ON EARTH CAUSED THIS” But the answers are there for all to see Rich Sadly Religion disguised as Politics and Politics disguised as Religion have clouded our World in utter venomous hatred. Great read, but a sad read. Our time as a species so far just keeps showing bad things. Understanding it’s cause is what I try and do mate.

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