Pictures That Speak Volumes #62

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I have always found it interesting when people complain about “how bad they have it”…whether it be at work, a job, at home, etc. What we quite often forget is how awful and depressing conditions are for other people that live around the world.

Take for example today’s picture of a mine worker who is required to work under atrocious and dangerous conditions every day…quite often just making a few cents or dollars a day. Notice the fingers of the worker in the picture above and observe how black they are.

So, take some time today to be thankful for all of the blessings that you have been given and say a quick prayer (or you may want to do something) for people living around the world in tough decisions everyday!


  1. Yeah. Some don’t know how blessed they actually are. I mean people within the, as it has been named, our ‘1st World. The people within this bracket have it so darn easy yet many complain, and it’s soul destroying to see almost ever day. So in the end we smile and laugh at it, otherwise we think too deeply, we become it 😀

    Sorry, just a deep thinker I am
    Hope you are well..


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