Finding Strength in Difficult Times

There are times throughout our lives when things or circumstances can get so difficult…that our dreams or goals seems totally unreachable. But, the difference between an extraordinary person and an ordinary person…is that little EXTRA! 

There are also times that we need that one special person to help us “pull through” the tough situation that we may experiencing and encourage us to “fight on” and overcome our diversity.

It is my hope, that this incredible video will touch your heart, soul, and mind and encourage you to stay strong when you feel your weakest.


  1. I remember this very well indeed, watching the race on the TV those years ago. To watch the race again it brought tears to my eyes. As you say, stay strong when you feel your weakest. That is what life is all about. Keep going what ever test life brings you.
    Many thanks, I will show this video to my PE class tomorrow,


  2. Truly a touching story. Of course, I cried, who wouldn’t, amazing the strength this post can give to anyone who watches thanks for sharing, I loved it! Your post always so pleasant.. 😀


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