Whoever Said That All Bikers Are Bad?

There is a negative stigma that is attached to most motorcycle gangs. Many people consider these riders as crude, unthoughtful, vulgar, callous, tough and generally greedy individuals. So, when I found this little “photo story” I thought that it would be a beautiful story to share. I hope it warms your heart as it did mine!

Whoever Said That All Bikers Are Bad?

Sorry folks…I couldn’t find the source to give credit to the author.


  1. I can testify as to how wonderful the BACA men and women are. The Utah Chapter has protected my niece on several occasions, including the day of the preliminary hearing when she had to face the accuser in court and testify what as to what he did to her over a three year period (a coach and family friend, not a family member). BACA was originally started by a biker professor at Brigham Young University.

    You can find out more about them at http://bacaworld.org

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      • In Utah at least, most of them are licensed to carry concealed, and many do. In several cases where there have been active threats to the safety of a victim they’ve sat on the front porch all night, armed guards. Some of them have done jail or prison time, but ALL of them are VERY carefully vetted before being allowed to join. Even if they’ve done drugs or other crimes in the past, none have ever had even a hint of anything involving a sexual offense of any type.


    • WOW!! Thank you SO much “Bee”! The write-up that you made on your page regarding my blog is awesome. Thank you for being such a thoughtful person. I truly am honored that you thought enough of my site to give it such nice accolades. Thank you again. I am so glad that you enjoy the site. Have a GREAT day!!!


  2. I never did.. I used to ride them all the time. Then, I had to think of my kids, so I stopped. Its a bucket list though, to get another. I haven’t viewed it all, but thanks for stickin up for them. They are good guys and girls.


  3. It’s not uncommon for “bikers” to come to the aid of those in need, the majority are every day citizens, they donate millions of dollars to charity with rallies for causes such as “Toys for Tots” and the Fallen Patriot’s ride. Every group has its good and bad…we’re not talking Hell’s Angels.

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  4. nothing butt respect for those bikers …..fist in the air !!! where is the police ??? where are the child protection service ???


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