The Days of Yesteryear #1

The Cincinnati Library
The Cincinnati Library

This was the Cincinnati just before it was demolished in 1955. It is amazing to me to see the immense number of books and the size of the man. The thing that is even more amazing is when you think how we can store so much memory into little computer chips. For example, you could probably save the stories from all of these books on a couple of computer chips in today’s world compared to back in the “old days” when nothing remotely like our modern day computers existed!


  1. It’s fairly scary to hear about the types and volumes of information that some are currently working toward being able to store artificially someday; like your own actual memories.


  2. What an amazing place. Too bad it’s been lost. I work with technology. I am well aware of how much we can store on modern media. I also enjoy woodworking and I’ve built my share of bookcases. I prefer the bookcase.


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