A (Bad) Day in the Life of a PE Teacher

I have been a Physical Education teacher for 27 years. I have had a lot of great memories (mixed in with a few bad ones here and there) but generally speaking, I have really enjoyed my time as a PE teacher.

I have taught every level, from Kindergarten through 12th grade. I have seen things that students have done that was very funny, heard things that were hilarious, witnessed events that I considered were troublesome or scary, and heard so many excuses for not being able to participate in class that you can imagine. Needless to say, teaching PE has not just been a job, it’s been an adventure.

The one thing that is great about the private school in which I teach, is that I have the freedom to teach skills and concepts in a broader environment than my colleagues who teach Physical Education in public schools. We have the ability to teach things in creative and fun ways, which in turn, allow the kids to encounter a more enjoyable learning experience.

Another thing that makes this job fun is what I call, “The Great Unknown.” When I go to school every day, I never know what interesting, humorous or other kind of event will take place. Will the day be the “same old, same old?” or will something happen to “spice it up?”

Well, the following video is one of those happenings that my colleague, the students in the class, the videographer, me, or anyone else who witnesses the following video will ever forget.

I know that many of you have different ideas of the PE teacher you may have had in class but this teacher will bring a tear to your eye…at least for me he did! My buddy is an awesome guy and is a lot of fun to be around, but for this one moment in time, I truly felt sorry for him.

5 thoughts on “A (Bad) Day in the Life of a PE Teacher

  1. I love the boy on he floor — he looks like he is commiserating; the girls, on the other hand, not so much.

    Very funny, though. Very funny.


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