A Short Story About Friendship

Horror gripped the heart of a World War-I soldier, as he saw his lifelong friend fall in battle.
The soldier asked his Lieutenant if he could go out to bring his fallen comrade back…”You can go,” said the Lieutenant, “but don’t think it will be worth it. Your friend is probably dead and you may throw your life away.”The Lieutenant’s words didn’t matter, and the soldier went anyway.Miraculously, he managed to reach his friend, hoisted him onto his shoulder and brought him back to their company’s trench.The officer checked the wounded soldier, then looked kindly at his friend “, I told you it wouldn’t be worth it,” he said. “Your friend is dead and you are mortally wounded.”

“It was worth it, Sir,” said the soldier.

“What do you mean by worth it?” responded the Lieutenant.” Your friend is dead.””Yes Sir,” the soldier answered, “but it was worth it because when I got to him, he was still alive and I had the satisfaction of hearing him say……. “Man…I knew you would come! “
We all have those people that are close to us and are special in our lives. But how many of us would be willing to save the life of a friend while giving up our own? It was once said “Greater love has no one than to lay down their life for a friend”. Let’s all be thankful for the friends that we have and value the time that we spend with them.


  1. I wholly disagree with the gentleman above. I don’t believe many would really lay down their lives for someone else. Your story strikes a note of hope because really only One would do this willingly for anyone. And He did. Thanks for the like on my blog. I love that yours is so hope filled.


  2. I’m watching the horror of the shootings in Santa Barbara and the only comfort is that store video tapes captured the bravery of citizen helping each other. A young woman not running but calling 911 as the bullet were flying. There are still people who stay for others and come for others.


  3. Nice story– and it happens a lot, actually. When we get down, we don’t give others– or ourselves– credit for how good we are, or can be. Thanks for checking out my blog.


  4. Thanks for story and reading one of my three blogs, even though I posted it in holographic Universe rather than Alan’s simi-fictional bio. Also have my screenplay; last, last tango in Paris for a vampire story.


  5. Thank you for sharing this story… Remarkable and touching. There are things that are worth living for, and definetly there are things worth dying for…. Thank you from the bottom of a Marine’s mother’s heart
    And yes, thanks for liking my blog !


  6. As people go through their daily lives, I’m wondering how many of us realize just how scary and horrible it can be for our soldiers fighting in a war or employed and away from THEIR daily lives and family! Little things here at home sometimes can be scary…..I can only imagine the horrors seen by our soldiers! Just to know your soldier brother was by your side at this time must have put him at peace…..what a wonderful and selfless human being! Now it is time for ALL of us to give back in any way we can! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️

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