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I love when I find stories that touch your heart and, more importantly, teach us lessons in ways that we can sometimes…never imagine. Today’s story is an example of a show of love from an unlikely source.

An amazing occurrence happened in South Africa when 31 elephants made a “Journey To Pay their Respect.” How did they know? Something that is greater and deeper than human intelligence informed them that their hero – the man who had saved their lives and many other animals – had made his transition from this earthly world. Lawrence Anthony (1950 – 2012), a legend in South Africa and author of 3 books including the bestseller “The Elephant Whisperer”, bravely rescued wildlife and rehabilitated elephants all over the globe from human atrocities, including the courageous rescue of Baghdad Zoo animals during the US invasion in 2003. On March 7, 2012 Lawrence Anthony…

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      1. I spend as much time (probably more) reading fellow bloggers posts and also commenting. Like you, I write from the heart. What grade do you teach? I teach preschool.

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      2. Thank you so much for your help! I teach Health and Wellness to grades 6-12. I have been teaching and coaching for 34 years. This season (baseball) is my 102 consecutive season coaching a sport on the scholastic level. I love teaching!!!

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      3. A solute,y…teaching is great. To answer your question…no, my school didn’t do anything / recognize me for the achievement. Like the old saying goes….
        ”It Is What It Is “ 🙂

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      4. I teach 6-12 grade Health and Wellness as well as coach three middle school boys teams. I really enjoy finding stories, poems, etc., to share with others. It’s an awesome feeling when people tell me that they enjoyed something on the blog. Have a great day my friend!

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      5. It is an awesome feeling. Sharing the good, and knowing others were touched by your stories, is a wonderful thing. Keep posting those stories! Stay well and stay safe, my friend.

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  1. Hello Sir!
    Hope you are healthy and happy!
    Would you please provide me your email for further communication?

    Waiting for your favorable reply.


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