Do you need a good laugh?

Do you need a smile?

Then think of this big decision…





  1. Hi Coach Muller, I am still out of town for another four days but thankfully was able to get hooked up on my pc tonight. Thank you so kindly for the wonderful award. I just have a question. How do I post an award on my site? I received one other one and still didn’t learn how to post it permanently. I have a wonderful person in mind to share it with and I feel good all over having received one myself. Thank you again and I know you’ll get to the book when you find the time. Sincerely, Brenda


    • Brenda, for most of the awards, if you just follow the steps that they give you, you will find that it is actually very simple.
      I am looking forward to reading your book. I am going to share it with my wife as well.
      Take care my dear friend and God Bless!


      • I posted my reasons for spreading the light and posted it to my profile but don’t know how to follow all of the instructions because of my chronic illness. My brain just doesn’t process instructions or directions in the least. I made a sticky of the award on my front page but I still think I got it wrong. Can you fix it perhaps? Or can it only be done by myself? Very sorry for the naivity but it’s something I must live with, embarrassingly at times.


      • Brenda, I saw your post and it looks good. Usually, when someone receives these kinds of awards, there are usually “Rules” that you should follow.
        An example…
        1) You have to name the person that nominated you for the awards (you did this)
        2) You should mention the person that created the award (if you know who did it) You did this as well!
        3) The Rules usually state how many other bloggers you could nominate for the award (in this case, the rule was, you could mention any number of people> You sort of did this already
        4) Once you nominate those people / blogs, you usually mention the name of their blogs and a link to their site…then let them know
        Thanks really about it my friend!!


      • It’s so awesome of you to have taken the time to explain this to me. You are a gem. Good night for now and chat with you again soon. Lucky kids to have an awesome coach. Keep it up dear friend.


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