What do these Numbers Represent?

There are three numbers that I would like to share with you…just for fun…try and guess what they all have in common.




Photo Credit" Anthony Cramp via CC Flickr
Photo Credit” Anthony Cramp via CC Flickr

CONGRATULATIONS! If you guessed the following answers…you WIN! (even of you didn’t it’s fun anyway 🙂

500….this is my 500th post! This s simply unbelieveable to me. I NEVER thought that I would find this much    material. The great thing is…I still have A LOT more stories and other things to share!

1,300….This is the numbers of followers who are following my blog! I am very honored and thankful for all of you!

100,000…this is the number of visitors that I have had visit “Good Time Stories.”

I would like to thank you all so very much for all of your support, following and words of encouragement over the past year or so. It makes me feel good knowing that so many people enjoy my blog. I hope that I can continue to post good inspiring, motivation, funny, and heartwarming stories. I have been blessed and for that…I thank you!

Photo Credit" Sarah Ackerman via CC Flickr
Photo Credit” Sarah Ackerman via CC Flickr


  1. You put a lot of effort and care into your blogging Coach. We are privileged to have you in our lives. I am new to your work but am enjoying it nonetheless. You wear your heart on your blog…..Hey, I like that phrase….Brenda


  2. Congratulations! Even though I am a little late in seeing this, and extending these well-wishes, I want you to know I find that today ESPECIALLY, on Easter Sunday…I find myself uplifted and encouraged as I read through several of your recent posts…I have been in a particularly tough place in my own life and I am very glad I came in this morning. I wish you many more exciting milestone celebrations here and elsewhere in your life. You seem to be a ray of light to others and deserving of much reward for the good works that you do in the world that you touch. Peace always to you.


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