Seriously Folks…I Need Your Help

I would like anyone who can to help me answer this question…I have been trying to post a blog on my site using HYPERLINKS but when I try to copy the links from my WORD document to my WordPress Dashboard then posting them….the text with the hyperlinks appear….WITHOUT the Hyperlinks. How do I get Hyperlinks to my blog page? Please help!!


  1. You’d have to post the source code from a word doc after it is saved as a html web page. Word uses invisible codes that are not in HTML format that the wordpress blog editor uses.
    You can add the links using the wordpress blog editor.


  2. Simple. In English: Paste the whole copy block from Word on your WordPress entry template. Go to the address that is the URL of the site you wish to link. Highlight the address and copy it. Highlight that address again and click the WordPress platform button that says “Link.” A box will pop up. Paste the address into the top line of the box. Click the little box that says open in separate page. Click the link button at the bottom of the box.

    Your hyperlink will appear when you publish from the WordPress entry form.

    Reply to my comment if I need to explain more.

    Good luck!


  3. I see that you have received responses, but would like to share how I do it.

    You have a “kitchen sink” on the box were you put what you are going to write/publish. There is an icon that looks like a chain link.

    Copy the html link. Then highlight some text in your post where you would like to embed the link. For the sake of example, let’s say that you’ve written the sentence, “I found great vegetable recipes on a website. ”

    You want your readers to visit the website so you highlight “website.” (Just draw your cursor over it to highlight.)

    Then click on the chain link icon. A box comes up that already has “http” in it. Just backspace to delete that part and copy the html into that box.

    In the next box, write “website.” Underneath that, there is a box to click on that says “open in another window/tab.” By clicking that, readers will not close the window to your blog and can return to it.

    Then click the button “Add Link.” The link is now embedded in “website.” “Website” will appear in your article in blue, indicating that there is a link.

    Remember to delete the actual html from the article you are writing.

    To see screen shots, see


  4. In the menu when you write the blog entry you will see a little icon that looks like a paperclip (it’s next to a paperclip-looking thing that looks broken). The paperclip-looking thing will give you the option to hyperlink. Just select the paperclip and cut and paste the link in (it will also ask you to name the link; I always name the link the same as the actual link (I just paste it in a second time)…I guess I’m a bit lazy). Good luck with that!


  5. Might I suggest you switch from Word to Live writer if you want to create your blogs “offline” before posting them. It can connect to your blog and will enable you to write a blog exactly as it will be shown on your WP blog. It allows you to include hyperlinks, images and videos. It allows you to publish but also to first send it as draft to your blog.You can use different fonts and colors and above all.. it’s a freeware software from Microsoft in the “live” package (skype, live mail etc)


  6. In Word 2013, you can type your post, click File>Share>Post to Blog. The first time you do this, you’ll need to enter your WordPress login. For the posts that follow, it’s a quick upload. Any hyperlinks saved in Word 2013 are carried over to WordPress.


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