1. Playing catch up today on Blogs I follow. It seems as though even though I am following your Blog it is few and far between tha your Blog actually shows up in my Reader. I simply don’t understand nor do I know how to fix. Nonetheless, I was captivated by the variety of interesting Blogs you post. Eac one is unique and captured my attention. Keep up the excellent Blogging and sharing your creativity with all of us!


  2. I had a stroke in surgery a few years ago and they thought my poodle was going to starve to death. I started sending my used clothing home to her and she snapped out of it and I came home a short time after. Now, if I leave the house for anything she howl! She is miserable till I get back home. She is my shadow. I could never have a human in my life as connected to me as her.

    I just read this in NPR:


    I have occasional pain from the stroke and when it comes she goes to the far end of the living room until ibuprofen works.


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