Just A Thought…

You may not like guns…that’s your right.

You may not believe in God…that’s your choice.

But if someone breaks into your house, the first two things you are going to do are…..

1) Call someone with a gun

2) Pray that they get there in time.


  1. Some folks might. As for me, I’d kick him between the legs, knee him in the jaw, crack his head against the wall and then call the EMT’s to take out the garbage. Been there, done that. You don’t have to have a gun to defend yourself, even if the other person does. You have to have the resolve and courage to do the job.

    The guy breaking into my house at 3 AM doesn’t frighten me. Odds are, he’s more scared that I am. It’s the guy walking around in my grand children’s school with an AR15 that scares the crap out of me.


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