What If…?

Photo Credit: kakissel vis Flickr
Photo Credit: kakissel vis Flickr

The following poem raises some good questions that we can ponder…what if?

What If…?
God couldn’t take the time
to Bless us today
because we could not take the time
to thank Him yesterday…

What If…?
God decided to
stop leading us tomorrow
Because we didn’t
follow him today…

What If…?
God didn’t walk with us today
because we failed to
recognize it as his day…

What If…?
We never saw another flower bloom
because we grumbled
when God sent the rain…

What If…?
God stopped loving and
caring for us because
we failed to love and care for others…

What If…?
God took away the Bible
tomorrow, because
we would not read it today…

What If…?
God took away his message
because we failed to listen
to his messenger…

What If…?
God didn’t send
His only begotten Son because
he wanted us be
prepared to pay the price of sin…

What If…?
The door to the church
was closed because
we did not open the door of our hearts…

What If…?
God would not hear us today because
we would not listen
to Him yesterday…

What If…?
God answered our prayers
the way we answer
his call to service…

What If…?
God met our needs
the way we give
Him our lives…

It makes you think….


Author Unknown

Source: heartwarmingstories.com


    • My dear friend shoe1000…I am sorry that you believe that God is not a punishing God. While He is certainly a God of love He is also a just God. We, as people, have a free Will to choose whether or not we want to follow Him and do the things that He would like to have us do. If we decide not to choose his ways, He deals with us accordingly. If you have any doubt that God is not a punishing God, I simply ask you to some time and read the Bible with an open heart and mind…only then will you truly understand the kind of God I serve. God has been the same past, present and future. He has never has or never will change…despite what the world thinks.


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