My Favorite Times of the Christmas Season (by Fellow Bloggers)

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The Christmas Season is a special time of year in which millions and millions around the world celebrate the birth of Christ. Peace and Hope are not only reasons to celebrate during this time of year but it is also a time to give gifts and demonstrate love and compassion to others.

A week or so ago, I put out a request to my friends around the WordPress universe and asked people to share with us what the Christmas Season meant to them. The following is a collection of their thoughts. I hope that you find them both encouraging and inspiring to your heart and soul!  


My favorite part of Christmas is the generous loving spirit that envelops people. They are inspired to share with others and spread holiday cheer. ~ Toni ~ toniandrukaitis


My favorite part of Christmas is having friends who have no local family at my house for dinner. They are my loving extended family every year. ~


In the church at midnight on Christmas Eve, welcoming the Saviour. One year our house was gutted by fire and we spent Christmas in the little flat at the back of our Church. What a privilege to be there over that time… ~ Kiwissoar


This Christmas will be particularly special for me since I´ll spend it i sitting next to my uncle who has been laying down on a hospital bed for over a month, dying, it´s his inevitable destiny. So I´ll be there holding his hand and making him laugh. ~ Crazy Life


Sharing time with loved ones, “forcing” meeting with people you always say you will but never put aside time for them and using the opportunities to talk in a much lighter mood ~ Hunting for Growth


Years ago my father showed us the true meaning of Christmas giving. As we getting ready to leave the house for midnight service at church on Christmas Eve, he received a phone call from someone who called and needed help. My father told us someone needed help and he had to go. My father drove this man that he didn’t know to a clinic and admitted him so he could kick alcoholism. The man has been sober 20 years now. This one act showed the entire family that we should always put the needs of others ahead of our own. Best Christmas ever! ~ Jay ~ Lincoln & Puppa


My family has a tradition of going to the Christmas Eve Candlelight service at our church and this truly warms my heart each year. We watch a theatrical production of the Christmas story and sing Christmas songs. Then a candle is lit and it is passed on with each person lighting their neighbor’s candle. The sanctuary’s darkness is filled with light. ~ Mark ~ This Day With God


My very favorite part of Christmas is the Reason for the Season–the birth of our precious savior. I love the time spent with family, spending the night at my son’s house so I can wake up on Christmas morning and open gifts with them. My other special thing to do at Christmas is to surprise someone who has done a random act of kindness for me or others and buy or make them a special gift, ~ Elaine ~ Elaine’s Random Thoughts


To me is that special stillness that the season brings despite the craziness going around you. It is almost as being in two worlds at once, time for reflection, and time to rejoice with loved ones. ~ Inkspear


You mean after the greatest gift ever given by the most loving creator of all, who changes the world and my inner being? THE MUSIC!!!!! I don’t even get tired of hearing it in the stores while I’m shopping. It makes my heart sing. ~ Jo Bower (Randall) ~ Jo Bower’s Blog


My favorite part of Christmas is beginning each morning sitting in the dark, beside a live tree, sparkling beautifully with highlighted tinsel. This ritual gifts me a inexpressible stillness and contentment. ~ Wendy ~ Live Life in Crescendo


Christmas? A baby was born. Sins forgiven. Christmas lights and nativity scenes. Fun food, good friends and caroling. For me it goes much deeper. Christmas inundates my emotions with the newness of shiny Christmas ornaments, the night lit up with Christmas lights and Christmas movies telling us it’s ok to dream, to hope, to believe for the miracle that will heal our broken hearts and broken relationships. Christmas is the promise of a future and an offer of reconciliation by the father to his prodigal sons and daughters. Christmas is fulfilled on a cross. ~ Ana Perry ~ Jubilee Journey

6 Comments on “My Favorite Times of the Christmas Season (by Fellow Bloggers)

  1. I really love these stories, heart warming and heart breaking. I feel the compassion and love in the hearts of these story tellers. Thank you to Jesus for the love you gave to us and put in us to share with others. Merry Christmas Coach!


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