Brilliant Lessons of Michelangelo

Photo Credit: Randy OHC via CC, Flickr
Photo Credit: Randy OHC via CC, Flickr

I came across this little story about the famous artist Michelangelo written by Tom Russell (inspirational that expressed a reminder to us how strong inspiration can be. When we are truly focused on things that we really want to do in our lives… we can do ANYTHING that we dream of doing.

The artist Michelangelo often stirred up the opposition of the contemporary artists of his day. Many of them envied his magnificent abilities. One example was the architect Bramante.

Pope Julius retained Michelangelo to build him a splendid tomb. Michelangelo gladly accepted the project and spent eight months in a marble pit personally cutting and selecting the most perfect stones. When he returned, he found the pope had second thoughts. Bramante had turned Pope Julius against the project. The Pope cancelled it.

Later the idea for another special project entered the Pope’s mind. Bramante saw the project as a time consuming trap for which there would be little public recognition. Bramante recommended Michelangelo for the job.

The great artist saw the trap. He knew what Bramante was up to. He wished to turn the project down but did not want to refuse the Pope’s request. So Michelangelo went to work. He spent many years doing the slow and tedious labor the project required. It was the Sistine Chapel.

The inspiration that flowed through Michelangelo can likewise flow through any human being. That is what the inspiration wants to do. It cannot be stopped. It is a living, powerful river that easily circumvents all obstacles.

Michelangelo collected his inner forces for a complete victory. Likewise, we must not fear to face the trickery of some people and expose it for what it is. This is not negative, but intelligent protection and spiritual perception.


  1. This so gives me insight to some of the current situations that I have in my life. I am thinking positive, but sometimes wonder if I am being deceitful instead of insightful in trying to overcome the “tirckery” or “demise” that I think a few people who are “helpful” and then don’t seem to be, but seem to be there to view my demise which somehow gives them power or power over me instead of sharing my joy of my victory over the situation they are involved in with me.

    I think they are there to help me succeed in conquering another mile stone of victory over personal circumstance, but it seems to only result in some sort of inner anger in them and it is SO confusing!

    Sometimes it does seem that their “helpfulness” is only setting me up. Not sure why they do it and that is not the issue, just that I have circumstance which I need to overcome and their help only seems to defeat my overcoming it. It seems rude to deny their helpfulness, but it seems I must or my life will be chaos. I think God is giving me insight:yet, haven’t been sure. This maybe clarifies it as to a way of the world I do not want to acknowledge. It is a sad reality, but it does make me rely almost totally on God. That is a good reality, but a sad one to lose trust in humanity.


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