Aaron Smiling GraduationTime is a crazy thing…like my grandmother used to say…the older you get…the days get longer and the years get shorter…isn’t that the truth!! These pictures are of my youngest boy at about 4 years old and his graduation picture…yesterday. WOW!…where does the time go? I am SO proud of my boy…he’s now a young man!

11 thoughts on “Time

  1. No way Coach, this lets my heart break … my oldest is 4 now and I am not always the best I could be … I do not want the day to come where he walks out of my house and I regret all the good things I didn’t do … great reminder to use our time with our children wisely!


    • Thank you for the nice words that you shared with me. While it is true that we are not always the best parents…the good news is,is that we can do something about it and if we TOTALLY trust God to take care of our children and ask Him to give us the wisdom to do the right things…He WILL help us and be with us. You can then have the peace in your heart that you and your children will be blessed.


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