The Amazing Power of Music!

It’s funny how sometimes the small things in life can make such a huge impact on other people’s life and we don’t even know it.
We all are aware of how our actions can affect an individual’s well being, etc. but what about other things that we may use every day? Music can effect people’s lives in many ways… take watching a movie as an example. Imagine if you were watching a sad movie and the background music was a fast-moving pop song. Or imagine viewing a scary movie and ballet music was playing in the background? The music would not fit in to the movie and you wouldn’t enjoy the film…..but used correctly, music has a huge impact on the total movie-watching experience.
Another example of music’s effect is how well music “can soothe the soul” or how athletes sometimes use loud music to get “pumped up” for a game.
Music can be used in many ways and effect every person differently.
In today’s story (it’s actually a video), watch how the power of music totally transformed this old man’s state of wellness. It’s inspiring, beautiful, and heart warming. The power of music…amazing.

4 thoughts on “The Amazing Power of Music!

  1. What a beautiful video. Thank you for sharing this. You know, some say there is a Song of Creation that permeates through us all to help us connect and remember who we are and from where we have come. I hope one day to have a conscious memory of this, fór I’m sure as mentioned in the video, it is a song of love.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.


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