An Earth Day Photo Celebration

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timothy-eberly-XVE2eMZGrhk-unsplash timothy-eberly-XVE2eMZGrhk-unsplash

It is hard to believe that 50 years ago, on April 22, 1970, America celebrated the first Earth Day. Over the course of the next five decades, Earth Day has become a global day of recognition. Since today is Earth Day, I decided…what better way to celebrate this special day by posting beautiful pictures from around the world!!

I hope you enjoy the following Earth Day Celebration!!

yannis-papanastasopoulos-U6dnImauDAE-unsplash yannis-papanastasopoulos-U6dnImauDAE-unsplash

timothy-eberly-XemjjFd_4qE-unsplash timothy-eberly-XemjjFd_4qE-unsplash

stephen-leonardi-TvzRUkSlCy4-unsplash stephen-leonardi-TvzRUkSlCy4-unsplash

s-s-nNM9dALmmOQ-unsplash s-s-nNM9dALmmOQ-unsplash

robert-thiemann-v8iCC7lS_ws-unsplash robert-thiemann-v8iCC7lS_ws-unsplash

robson-hatsukami-morgan-454S_xB0ReA-unsplash robson-hatsukami-morgan-454S_xB0ReA-unsplash

ryan-hutton-Jztmx9yqjBw-unsplash ryan-hutton-Jztmx9yqjBw-unsplash

ryan-stone-p94lzAvP6E4-unsplash ryan-stone-p94lzAvP6E4-unsplash

nicolasintravel-oN3U95O4cag-unsplash nicolasintravel-oN3U95O4cag-unsplash

joshua-earle-ICE__bo2Vws-unsplash joshua-earle-ICE__bo2Vws-unsplash

manuel-meurisse-QHeAAc3y76Y-unsplash manuel-meurisse-QHeAAc3y76Y-unsplash

ray-hennessy-mpw37yXc_WQ-unsplash ray-hennessy-mpw37yXc_WQ-unsplash

ray-hennessy-oEcQFq0NKjo-unsplash ray-hennessy-oEcQFq0NKjo-unsplash

megan-thomas-xMh_ww8HN_Q-unsplash megan-thomas-xMh_ww8HN_Q-unsplash

robert-lukeman-zNN6ubHmruI-unsplash robert-lukeman-zNN6ubHmruI-unsplash

michael-niessl-x_gyAYzyeQA-unsplash michael-niessl-x_gyAYzyeQA-unsplash

cindy-chan-VLQj5niaT4E-unsplash cindy-chan-VLQj5niaT4E-unsplash

daniil-vnoutchkov-dPzd-VAlsGs-unsplash daniil-vnoutchkov-dPzd-VAlsGs-unsplash

david-clode-7_TTPznVIQI-unsplash david-clode-7_TTPznVIQI-unsplash

jf-brou-915UJQaxtrk-unsplash jf-brou-915UJQaxtrk-unsplash

boris-baldinger-6Ogl3xacOlM-unsplash jf-brou-915UJQaxtrk-unsplash

andrew-coelho-pX7mX52yOvU-unsplash andrew-coelho-pX7mX52yOvU-unsplash

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