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My wife and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year. It is amazing to me how fast the years have gone by. My dear grandma used to always say, “the older you get…the days get longer and the years get shorter.: Isn’t that the truth!!

The good Lord has blessed me and my family in glorious and mighty ways in those years. I have two wonderful, handsome young sons, a beautiful wife, nice house and the list goes on and on. The thing that I really hope and pray for almost every day, is that my sons will continue to be blessed and used of the Lord and that my wife and I will continue to grow old together for a long time.

One thing I really enjoy watching, is when I see an older couple who are obviously still “head over heels” in love with each…

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  1. Happy Anniversary to you and your wife, Coach, and congratulations for achieving Year #28 together. My husband and I recently celebrated #49. The picture of the woman in the wheelbarrow with her husband (I presume) pushing her along made me smile and gave me a vision for the years ahead: live life to the fullest for as long as we possibly can. Enjoy on another, have fun, and be silly once in awhile! May each day include glorious celebration of God’s goodness!

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  2. Yes, congratulations! 🎉
    I was thinking similar thoughts tonight at an awards banquet for law enforcement. Many Christian couples were there. As we danced I sensed the Lord’s pleasure when married couples are content, not perfect, but have enduring love for each other.
    God bless you and your lovely wife. Your faithfulness has such eternal value. 💕

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