The Harmony and Peace Award


The Harmony and Peace AwardGood Time Stories” has been nominated and honored as a one of the first recipients of “The Harmony & Peace Award” by Dr. Rex, Writer and creator of “It Is What It Is” I would like to invite you to visit Dr. Rex’s blog page, “It Is What It Is”. Personally, I have always found her to be a lovely lady who constantly sends me words of encouragement and positive thoughts. Her web page, without a doubt, reflects her persona. I hope you enjoy it!


This award was created by the Idealistic Rebel


“I created this new award to celebrate all those who promote Harmony & Peace, and who add Love & Beauty to the world through their Blogs and through their lives. Their Positivity makes the world a better place for all of us.


~The Rules~

As most of you know by now, I am not big on rules, but here they are…

  1. Give this award to seven bloggers who have added Harmony & Peace, Love & Beauty and Positivity to the world you live in.
  2. Let them know that you nominated them.
  3. Acknowledge the blogger from whom you received this award
  4. Display your award on your blog, because you have earned it!
  5. Continue to live in Harmony & Peace”


On Pets and Prisoners – If you love animals, then this site is just for you!!

Lorna’s Voice – If you enjoy finding humor in everyday life, check out this site!!

Reclaim Our Republic – If you REALLY love America, this page is what you need.

Hairball Express – Simply one of my all-time favorite blogs. Written from the perspective of a cat! Hilarious stuff…I love it!!

Fourth Generation Farm Girl – A great site that has it all…from the experience of an all – American farm girl that covers many fascinating topics!

Advent Celebration – This is new web page that features recipes and memories of the Advent season. Come back and visit the daily updates. You’ll enjoy this yummy and enjoyable site.

My 52 Sundays – A truly inspirational and uplifting page! Visit each day for special words of encouragement and awesome stories!


Enjoy the Day!


  1. Coach–can you help me with this please? I am finally getting around to trying to place this award on my blog (key word: trying). I have saved the photo to My Media. I list the complete image URL in the Widget space as requested for the award. I then list my blog link for the Link URL. I type in the measurements and hit Save. But when I look at my blog–no Harmony and Peace Award picture. The message there is “Please configure the Image widget in Widget settings. What am I doing wrong? Thanks so much.


    • OK..I think that I can help you…for me…I think it’s easier to go to someone’s blog that has a picture of it, right click on the picture, then left click “copy image URL”. Now go back and do what you did before…the only difference is that when you get to the part of the widget where you have to enter the URL, left click once, then right click and click on “Paste”. the URL address will then be copied. It should work. I believe that when you put the photo on a collection on your computer…there is no URL because its on your computer and not the internet. Hope that makes sense. If not, please let me know 🙂


      • The ‘no URL’ does make sense. I right clicked and then left clicked and nothing is there. There is no opportunity to ‘copy image URL.’ I tried on the above picture and also on your sidebar. Nothing.


      • I am sorry. I am not the computer literate myself. I hope that you can figure it out…if not, don’t worry about it. I won’t be upset if you can’t post it. Have a great day my friend!


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