“Dreamers” (Pictures That Speak Volumes #67)

Photo Credit: Unknown (if you know the name of this photographer, please LMK)

Photo Credit: Unknown (if you know the name of this photographer, please LMK)

Today’s picture is a heartwarming reminder of the time when we were are kids…just dreaming  of what we might someday want to become.

It is my hope that you have found the thing or things that you wanted to do as a child and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Like the famous American author, Mark Twain, once said, “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”.

If you haven’t lived your dream…what are you waiting for?

A Wonderful Glimpse Into Yesteryear

Photo Credit: Seattle Municipal Archives via CC Flickr

Photo Credit: Seattle Municipal Archives via CC Flickr

A short time ago, a small group of World War 2 veterans were quietly waiting for their flight at Reagan International Airport, when something magical took place.

Someone decided to play some old-time music from the 1940’s, and suddenly, as if a vail was lifted and a curtain pulled back, the solders instantly reverted back to a time when they were young, agile and filled with life.

The following video shows us this unique transformation in a beautiful and wonderful way and the tremendous power of music.

What Were We Thinking?

Photo Credit: ConiferConifer via CC Flickr

Photo Credit: ConiferConifer via CC Flickr

Here’s a thought down Memory Lane that I found with a few additions of my own. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the author is but I thought that you might enjoy this as much as I did.

When I was younger, I’d put my arms in my shirt and tell people I lost my arms.

I would restart video games when I knew that I was going to lose.

I would put my feet in plastic bags before I put my boots on to go outside and play in the snow.

I would make my bicycle sound like a motorcycle when I used clothes pins and attached my baseball cards to the spokes.

I had one of those pens that had six colors and tried to push all the buttons at once.

I would eat spinach like my hero Popeye and feel like I had the biggest muscles in the world.

I would wait behind a door to scare someone, but soon leave because they were taking too long or had to pee.

I would fake asleep so that my dad would carry me to bed.

I used to think that the moon followed our car.

I would watch those two drops of rain roll down a window and pretend it was in a race.

I used to swallow fruit seeds then be scared to death that they were going to grow into a tree in my stomach.

I used to think that if I got a pair of new sneakers, like the kind a bug NBA star would wear, I would be able to run faster and jump higher than anyone else.

Remember when we were kids and couldn’t wait to grow up?