A Passion of A Coach


A Picture of Me!!

Today, I have decided to share a little bit of myself with you.

I have been a Physical Education teacher and a coach for 30 years…and I love taking pictures (and my my blog :). It is funny how many people are tell me how surprised they are when they find out that I enjoy photography and writing as much as I do. They seem to think that someone who is an athlete (or least used to be) and is as big as I am (6’3″, 275 lbs) can’t possibly be someone who likes to do these things.

That’s OK. Because everyone is different and and have different passions for various things. I found my interest in photography by the one man who had the most influence and biggest impact in my life…my dad.

My father was a photographer for over 45 years. He had his own studio, took pictures for a local paper, snapped pictures at an untold  number of weddings and took pet, individual and family portraits. He closed his shop for the final time just as the digital camera was becoming popular.

When my father passed away a few years ago, I decided to use some of the money that he left me to purchase a really nice camera. The following pictures are of some flowers that I took in Philadelphia last summer while my family was visiting some of my in-laws and nephews and nieces.

I hope you like them. I am planning on beginning to post more pictures that I have taken and edited in future blogs.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them!

Steve and Amys August 3 2015 014 Steve and Amys August 3 2015 016 Steve and Amys August 3 2015 038 Steve and Amys August 3 2015 042 Steve and Amys August 3 2015 049 Steve and Amys August 3 2015 051 Steve and Amys August 3 2015 057 Steve and Amys August 3 2015 058 Steve and Amys August 3 2015 059

Photos That Speak Volumes #59

Photo Credit: Tapicure.com

Photo Credit: Tapicure.com

There are so many words that I can think of when I look at this picture…I am sure that you may have a few yourself!!

Purr-fectly Content

Check out these cute, little felines that decided to make this flower pot their own little oasis for a nap. Do you think that they could have squeezed in another kitty?

Photo Credit: Unknown

Photo Credit: Unknown

The Coach’s Washington DC Pictures #2


The Coach's Washington DC Pictures #2

This is another one of the pictures that I took while I was with my 8th grade class on their annual trip to Washington DC. Yes, this is the White House. I made some changes, etc. which helped to enhance the picture.

Where Does The Time Go?

It is truly amazing how fast time is going. My grandmother used to always say, “the older you get…”the days get longer and the years get shorter.” Isn’t THAT the truth!! The following pictures illustrate this point in a humorous way!!

Time Flies

A Challenge…


A Challenge...

Yes…believe it or not…there IS a cat in this picture. Without cheating…I challenge you to find it. I promise you…there are no tricks. Let’s see how you do..I dare you! Have fun!




Pictures That Speak Volumes #35

Photo Credit: Gerald Herbert/Associated Press

Photo Credit: Gerald Herbert/Associated Press

Starlia Dawson, widow of Army Sgt. Ezra Dawson, 31, of Las Vegas, weeps during his funeral at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va., Thursday, Feb. 5, 2009.  Dawson, a member of 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Infantry Div., from Fort Hood, Texas, was killed last month in Afghanistan in an accidental Chinook helicopter crash. The woman at the right, comforting Ms. Dawson, is unidentified.

Pictures That Speak Volumes #31

Photo Credit: Weblasters.com

Photo Credit: Weblasters.com

Lucas Hembree and his service dog Juno share a special time and a hug together.