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Wise Words of Wisdom: “Things I Have Learned”

There is an old saying that says, “Blessed are those who find wisdom and who gain understanding.” Wisdom is a good thing and arguably, one of the most essential characteristics that a person can possess. A person that wants to be truly wise, needs to learn from their mistakes, try new things, listen to advice,…

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Whose Hands?

Perception of the circumstances and things that happen throughout our lives can be so very important. Sometimes, when things happen, it seems as if we have no control over them…they are out of our hands. But…are the circumstances that we experience REALLY out of our hands? IT DEPENDS WHOSE HANDS THEY ARE IN! A basketball…

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Simple Wisdom From A Country Doctor

Wisdom comes from all kinds of resources but sometimes, none is better than the wisdom that comes from older people. The thing that makes wise people wise…is their ability to take the nuggets of wisdom that they learn throughout their lifetime and apply it to their own lives.  The following short story illustrates this point…

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