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“Dreamers” (Pictures That Speak Volumes #67)

Today’s picture is a heartwarming reminder of the time when we were are kids…just dreaming  of what we might someday want to become. It is my hope that you have found the thing or things that you wanted to do as a child and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Like the famous American author, Mark Twain,…

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Slaying the Dragon – Pictures That Speak Volumes #63

Will you look at the faces of these little darlings?? It is such a fascinating thing to observe the faces of people…especially kids when they are watching something happen in front of them. These little critters were watching a puppet show in Paris, France, in 1963. It was at the time in which the dragon…

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A Second Chance at Life

Have you ever thought to yourself how “good” your life REALLY is? What if the direction of your life suddenly changed and you found yourself in a situation that you had never thought that you would be in? One minute you think your life is great, you are healthy and everything is “smooth sailing?” then…

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The People That Make a Difference.

Throughout our lives, we can probably all remember a person or a few people, who have influenced our life in a certain way. Whether they touched our life in a positive or negative fashion, these people will never be forgotten. In today’s world we have a tendency to focus on the THINGS that are happening…

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A Jar of 1000 Marbles

This is one of my favorite stories showing us the importance of focusing on the important things in life…… How many marbles do you have? The older I get, the more I enjoy Saturday mornings. Perhaps it’s the quiet solitude that comes with being the first to rise, of maybe it’s the unbounded joy of…

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