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Easter…With A Nod to Dr. Seuss

Around the world, millions upon millions of people celebrate one of the holiest and most blessed days of the year, the death and resurrection of Jesus. It is through that beautiful hope and promise that Christians base their faith upon, that like Jesus, we too will be someday resurrected and live with Him for eternity.…

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The Amazing Healing Powers of Animals: Caleb’s Story

This is a story of a young boy, Caleb, who was involved on a horrible accident which left him with various broken bones and a severe brain injury. Doctors said that he would probably never recover…or live at all. Along came a therapy dog, named Colonel, that would change this little boys life, and his…

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Happy Easter!!

I would like to take this time to wish all of my brothers and sisters in the Lord a VERY blessed Easter! We serve an amazing God who loves us so much. My heart breaks for those who do not believe in God and in Jesus Christ and what He went through so that we…

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The Day A Chicken Taught Us A Lesson of Easter

  The following true story shows to all of us how sometimes God uses things that we would never imagine, to teach us lessons. God works in mysterious ways…and sometimes we can learn lessons in ways that we never dreamed of. The following story is a sweet account of a lady, one of her pets,…

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