A Story to Melt Your Heart

How many of us take our lives and the everyday things we do for granted? Today’s story will touch your heart and hopefully, give our lives, proper perspective.

Generally, for most of us, life is good. We have healthy bodies, we can walk, talk, hear, see, and feel things. We can exercise, eat, drive our cars, live in a nice house and having loved one who care for us. On the most part, we have all been blessed, beyond measure. If you think about it, even on our worst days, we can still do all of these things…we should ALWAYS be thnkful for EVERYTHING that we have.

But what about the people that have to deal the unfortunate situations such as mental and physcial handicap? Terminal diseases? Lifelong sicknesses or deformities? Have we ever sat back and wondered about the immense amount of dedication, love, and endurance that millions of people have to have EVERYDAY just to help these people?

How many of us complain because of silly little things…zits…a sore muscle…a headache, etc. ?

It has always been very inspiring to me to watch people who have suffered hardships and unfortunate circumstances, use their determination and willpower to overcome their disabilities.

The video that I included in this story, really has two sweet messages…a father coming back from military duty and the heart touching moment when the father sees his son, who has Cerebral Palsy, walk for the first time!!



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